Hi, my name is Jesse

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Moving Forward with Hugo

Introduction A couple weeks ago, I posted my first blog post which went over some of the options I was considering using for my blog. In that post it was somewhat obvious the direction I was leaning, but I still wasn’t 100% sure. Goals Since then, I have been playing around with a couple of the options, and have decided to go ahead and deploy my site using Hugo. Read more →

We Will Start with Plaintext

Overview In the past, I have avoided “New Year Resolutions” - however, with 2020 being quite the eventful year, I have decided to break this pattern. In 2021, I have set a goal: to write at least 1 blog post per month. This also follows a general theme that I think I am going to try and follow, which is - stop waiting and just do it - whatever “it” may be. Read more →